Yield Maps

Making Sustainable Farming Profitable…

Yeild Map Utilisation

This service uses any Yeild Map, As-applied and/or Satellite Imagery Data available and collates them into a useful report. With some additional information we can turn this information into “Profit Maps” to see which parts of your farm and paddocks are creating the greatest operating profit for that season.

Headers have been collecting yield maps for years now but what can you do with that information to create something that is genuinely useful? And what about all the “As-Applied” data your tractor / sprayer has been collecting – how can we record all that in one place and use it in combination with the other information?

Commercial farm-scale trials couldn’t be simpler. Once the locations and details of each treatment are recorded during the season, at harvest the header rolls on through uninterrupted and gathers trial results with ease.

Actual harvest tonnages and quality details can be used to make valid pro-rata adjustments to yield monitor recordings for an accurate, precise and ‘cleaned’ yield map.

This service includes 1 free trial assessment (no more than 4 treatments) for every 400ha of data. Additional trials can be assessed at an hourly rate if required.

Management Zone Prescription Map Service

This service uses any or all of the previously recorded data layers (yield maps, satellite imagery, EM maps, etc) to develop management zones and create a zone-specific prescription variable rate (VR) application map.

With the clients and/or agronomist advisor input and help, management zones are created and differing rates of inputs including fertiliser or seed are chosen – this info is converted into a Prescription Map that loads into your tractor/s controller.

For many farmers without variable rate (VR) technology available, management zones are still identified and treated individually via spreading or other forms of application within those zones.