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Fixing Problem Paddocks…

FARM often deals with farmers who sense that something is not quite right in their crops or paddocks. They wish to use an independent agronomy consultant like us to look at it. Someone who specialises in that area and has the local knowledge, experience and previous successes to back it up. Troubleshooting requirements obviously come in many varied shapes and forms so this service is covered under the Casual Consulting Service.

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Situations we often deal with are:
• Maybe you have a part of the paddock that always performs below expectations
• Maybe you find some plant symptoms in-crop that you suspect may be nutritional deficiencies
• Maybe you have a soil test or tissue test result and don’t know how to interpret
• Maybe you have yield maps or satellite imagery accumulating and don’t know how to utilise the information

We love ‘problem paddocks’ because there is often a significant opportunity cost that we can help unlock.
Troubleshooting is a great way to help unlock significant ‘road blocks’ in order to maximise your profits and yields.

FARM prides itself on taking a holistic approach to troubleshooting soil and plant fertility issues. Understanding your specific set of circumstances, resources and constraints is important to us.