Diversity of Plants Builds Soil was the key message at the Creating Functioning Soils Conference hosted by Southern Queensland Landscapes

Recently at the Creating Functioning Soils Conference held in Highfields Queensland, Ian Moss joined a panel of five local experts as keynote speakers along with international soil expert Dr Christine Jones, to talk about three things that you can do now to improve the function of soils.

The conference’s key message ‘Diversity of plants builds soil’ was delivered to more than 150 farmers and land managers who attended.

Ian Moss – Farm Agronomy and Resource Management

Here is a snapshot of Ian’s three key elements to start right now to improve the function of soils.

  1. Turnaround the decline soil organic matter
  2. Addressing the nutrient cycling
  3. Thinking hard about what damage we’re doing to the soil and the biology and the processes that we need to engage to help get us there.

A Pretty Exciting New Discovery – Ian’s Message for the Future of Soil

“I really do think we need to rethink the assumptions we make about how plants take up nutrients. When you do a lot of plant testing and soil testing, you realise that there’s not always a lot of correlation with what’s in the soil and what the plants are taking up. There’s a new science research around a process, where it’s pretty amazing when you see the videos of plants feeding microbes sugars, and that’s giving the energy to those microbes to go and access nutrients and then the roots are literally taking those microbes inside and stripping those nutrients from them. It’s a pretty exciting new discovery!” Ian Moss

View the Full Video below to hear each local expert’s as well as Dr Jones’ key messages about the building soil through the diversity of plants presented at the Creating Functioning Soils Conference