Take a peak at this article ‘Progress over perfection on Alaringa‘ that highlights Ian’s beginnings with the run-down dairy farm. Discover how it become the perfect testing ground and how Mossy’s transformation of Alaringa highlights the power of innovation and resilience in the agricultural sector.

Here’s a Quick Summary:

In 1999, agronomist Ian Moss, known as Mossy, acquired a rundown dairy farm near Pittsworth, initially viewing it as a retreat from his busy work life. However, after experiencing the devastating drought of 2017-2019, Mossy’s perspective on Alaringa changed. Witnessing his farm deteriorate alongside his clients’ properties, he realised the need for a new approach to farming.

Inspired by his clients’ resilience and encouraged by their trust, Mossy embraced regenerative farming practices. He began with grazing management, dividing paddocks for rotational grazing and sowing diverse forage crops. This led to rapid improvements in soil health and water retention, benefiting both the land and his livestock.

Despite initial challenges and mistakes, such as poorly designed weir systems, Mossy saw these setbacks as valuable learning opportunities. He shared his experiences through workshops and field days, becoming a hub for agricultural innovation.

Today, Alaringa is not just Mossy’s home; it’s a thriving example of regenerative agriculture. Mossy’s journey reflects a shift from viewing the land as a mere resource to understanding its role in fostering resilience and sustainability. His story embodies the ethos of progress over perfection, inspiring others to embrace change and explore new ways of farming.

Ian Moss

Ian Moss is the founder and director of F.A.R.M Agronomy, which he runs from his Pittsworth property, Alaringa. He uses his farm to trial new techniques so that he can share his findings with clients. Ian’s ultimate goal is to help cropping and grazing farmers make sustainable profitable.

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