Making Sustainable Farming Profitable…


    This was the service that FARM originally offered when it began in 2009. It evolved from farmers having difficulty sourcing some fertility-input products cost-effectively and FARM provided another option for them. FARM distributes products from many and varied fertiliser manufacturers/suppliers and can arrange delivery logistics also.

    We go out of our way to make sure clients who are utilising consultancy or other FARM Services, know that there is no obligation or expectation on them using this service.

    We deliberately keep overheads low for this part of the business and often surprise clients at the level of price competitiveness. Quotes are provided upon request. Having FARM manage the delivery logistics on-farm or to your closest transport depot can save you a lot of time, headaches and often costs. Of course, if you have your preferred supplier or freight arrangements then that’s fine also.

    FARM appreciates its independence from any commercial influence but also values the knowledge and experience that exists within the supply sector in our industry and has a good exposure to new products and experiences to share with clients.

    FARM can provide phone or email support to discuss agronomic needs and product fit. Any farm visit/s or additional work is discussed/approved beforehand and invoiced as outlined above.

    Here are just some of the companies we use…

    Seed Suppliers

    AGF Seeds
    Radicle Seeds
    Woods Seeds


    NTS Nutri-Tech Solutions
    Terra Firma Fertilisers
    Soil management systems text logo
    Island Biologicals
    Omnia Nutriology