F.A.R.M. Farm Agronomy and Resource Management

The no-bull agronomy business where regenerative practices are tried, tested and proven on-farm first, before being taken to clients.

In 2009, agronomist Ian Moss purchased Alaringa, an old dairy farm outside Pittsworth, and nailed a freshly painted sign to the front gate. The sign read ‘F.A.R.M.’, which stands for Farm Agronomy & Resource Management. Today, that once run-down dairy farm is a thriving, drought-resistant oasis, and F.A.R.M. has grown into one of Australia’s leading agronomy services with a special emphasis on sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

The Pittsworth farm is integral to F.A.R.M.’s operations, allowing Ian and his team of young agronomists to trial practices on a small scale before confidently taking them to clients. The team also hosts regular open days, where visitors can see first-hand the results of Ian’s regenerative practices, and are invited to share their own knowledge and experiences in a collaborative environment with fellow farmers. Ian also relishes the chance to show off his resident flocks of dorper sheep too!

F.A.R.M. specialises in a comprehensive range of agronomy services, from soil and crop health through to precision agriculture (PA) utilisation. And while the team enjoy the rich relationships that develop from long-term consultancies, they also welcome casual farm visits and consultations too. Fiercely independent, F.A.R.M. sources seed and fertiliser products from over 20 suppliers ensuring clients get what’s best for them. As Ian says, ‘At F.A.R.M. it’s agronomy first; selling comes way down the list.’