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Ian Moss

Founder and Managing Director
Farm Agronomy & Resource Management Pty Ltd

Ian Moss – Founder & Director

Ian Moss (Founder and Managing Director of FARM) has more than 25 years’ experience – not only as an agronomist, but also as a farmer himself, stints working for multinational chemical companies, rural resellers and “more than enough time chasing cattle and driving tractors”.

Amongst other interesting things, Ian developed and then sold a successful organic meat supply business as well as a few years developing a large-scale free-range poultry enterprise through the operational stage.

Farm Walks

FARM Walks come in all shapes & sizes. Some of the more common FARM Walks would be ½ day events where we start with smoko and say an hour of presentation/discussion and then visit 2-3 paddocks in the area and then finish with lunch and possibly a short session as a de-brief and ‘where to now?’ discussion. There are many variations to this of course but usually the focus is on seeing/discussing aspects of soil fertility (chemical, physical & biological) and how that inter-relates to the theme of the day e.g. moisture capture, increasing soil organic matter, fertiliser options, paddock variability, precision ag utilisation, machinery, crops/varieties, cover crops – these are just a few of the more common themes

Guest Speaking

FARM Presentations and Guest Speaking roles are very similar to the FARM Walks described above but without the actual farm visits obviously – it’s not unusual for a project to involve both services. Timelines vary from a 20min presentation with questions to full day education/training program. These sessions are often driven by funded projects with specific education and practice change expectations so presentations are customised to suit. In the past we have had farmers bring in soil test results, photos, anecdotes about problem paddocks and similar which has allowed us to trouble-shoot those examples with lots of discussion about different ways to address the issues and their experiences with similar issues – a great learning environment/activity.

If you’re looking for a passionate and interactive speaker or someone to coordinate and run a field day, then please contact us!