Can rainfall be captured more effectively by our fields and pastures to ensure they remain healthy even throughout drought? When heavy rains occur, how do we stop it eroding our topsoil and degrading our landscape? 

Thankfully these questions were answered by our friends at the Mulloon Institute who facilitated a land rehydration bootcamp hosted at FARM’s Southbrook office.

Over two days in February, Sam and Erin from the Mulloon institute taught the participants how to avoid runoff and erosion and instead how to utilise rainfall to restore your landscape function to return that moisture into the soil profile.

The bootcamp consisted of workshops, demonstrations, landscape assessments, and theory lessons on how to rejuvenate your farm through retaining the rain which falls on it while avoiding the damages  which can often occur.

Read more about the bootcamp and how the concepts taught by the Mulloon Institute can help your farm below.