Agronomy Consulting

Making Sustainable Farming Profitable…

Soil Fertility Review & Planning

This service takes a more holistic review of your soil fertility and includes activities such as:

  • Understanding your specific areas of farming interests, concerns and experience.
  • Seeking clarity on your expectations and desired outcomes.
  • Reviewing new or past soil tests, plant tests and/or Precision Ag data.
  • Discussing:
    • Past, current and planned crop/pasture sequences
    • Yield and quality targets
    • Known or suspected fertility issues
    • Available machinery & methods of applying inputs. For example; in-crop spreading, liquid inject, etc.
  • Developing an informed understanding of the key soil fertility issues that exist (by paddock or management zone).
  • Develop the broader strategies required to address the identified fertility issues.
  • Develop & implement specific tactics to fit those strategies
    • Create a prioritised list of decisions, activities &/or inputs by paddock (or management-zone)
    • Costed or estimated where possible
    • Identify time-frames or trigger points for timing of these activities
    • Be clear on if or how we will know if it worked

This service is offered both remotely and on-farm where practical. Specific requirements vary and can be adapted during initial discussions. Many farmers like to start with the Soil Fertility Review as it gives a ‘bigger picture’ perspective of the over-riding soil fertility issues that are holding back improved economic sustainability for their farm.  Season Reviews and/or New Season Planning sessions usually follow in subsequent years/seasons.

Farm Agronomist examining plant in corn field

Annual Consulting Packages

This service has been offered to a limited number of clients within 3-4hrs drive of Toowoomba and encompasses most of the services offered above including the interpretations and recommendations based on soil/plant tests, yield maps and satellite imagery. If we are doing our job effectively, then over time, farms tend to rotate out of this service into the less intensive monitoring or review services. If you are interested in this service then we can discuss openings and the particular services & quarterly fees in more detail. Scroll down and put in your details to request Farm’s Services and Summary selections table NOW!

Farm Visits & Casual Agronomy Consulting

Any of the above consulting services can be modified to suit farmers’ specific needs. Casual consulting services can be customised to farmers needs at a standard day or hourly rate, or quoted as required. Screen sharing and other technology can be utilised to allow farmers further away from the Darling Downs region to utilise FARM services and make their sustainable farming profitable. The Farm Visit service is usually about being on farm and getting our hands dirty for agronomy consultancy troubleshooting and advice. Sometimes though, farm clients prefer to undertake a Soil Fertility Review, New Season Fertility Planning or Season Review at the farm with the involvement of key decision-makers and stakeholders – perhaps family, staff or other advisors. In this case we would arrange to undertake that meeting on farm. Travel and other genuine costs are passed on and where possible or relevant these costs are split between other clients seen on the same trip.

A ploughed field on a farm in South-West New South Wales, Australia - FARM, sustainable farming