About Us

Making Sustainable Farming Profitable…

FARM believes that farmers hold the key to utilising natural resources and nurturing the land in a responsible and effective way for both short and long-term farm sustainability.

About Us

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Data Driven Descision Making

Planning decisions made on farm have a direct effect on long-term productivity. These decisions impact directly on the sustainability and profitability of your business. Knowledge is power in agribusiness.

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Beyond Product Recommendations

Our advice is independant – it is based on experience and strategies that make a difference to your farm’s long-term productivity. Sound advice from industry and experience, fully independent and free from supplier affiliations.

Leading Industry Consultants

We are technical experts. Our extensive experience means we have greater insight into what producers need to ensure their farming enterprises have long-term business viability.

Don’t Leave It To Chance

We are focused on bringing research initiatives and findings our customers, backed by science. FARM is built on the foundations of strong research and training from leading Australian Universities. 

“Facilitating regenerative agronomy practice change for Australian farmers through the application of science, experience and innovation will undoubtedly create a better world for our grandchildren.”


Ian Moss is the Founder and current Managing Director of Farm Agronomy & Resource Management Pty Ltd (FARM). Ian graduated from University of Queensland (Gatton College) with an Associated Diploma of Applied Science majoring in Agronomy & Farm Management in 1989.
For over 25 years Ian has worked for and with farmers, local resellers, research bodies and Multi-Nationals. Through this diverse experience, Ian has an excellent and thorough understanding of Australian Agriculture, but his passion has always been agronomy consulting and working with innovative farmers who are leading the way in developing economic sustainability for themselves and the industry.
In 2009, Ian founded FARM – starting out with a blank canvas, an idea he was passionate about and a mobile office, he purposefully built the FARM business one client at a time which has grown to the busy, diverse and exciting business that it is today.

Farmer in Green crop

Ian Moss

Founder and Managing Director
Farm Agronomy & Resource Management Pty Ltd